Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Samantha and I am a 25-year-old freelance blogger and gluten free advocate. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012, but I knew a great deal about it already because my mom was diagnosed a few years before me. Unfortunately it is hereditary, so thanks for that Mom! After my diagnosis, I did a great deal of complaining, which isn’t unusual for me. I thought this diagnosis would force me to change my diet entirely, and I didn’t handle that well. Imagine a 22-year-old having a fit that would make a two-year-old blush. At that point in my life, I was living in a big city, and my diet consisted of minimal cooking, a lot of take out and cheap beer. I wasn’t ready to change my lifestyle and I certainly didn’t like the suggested restrictions I was facing. I was confused about cross contamination and spent hours walking in circles around the grocery store, looking at labels and trying to make sense of it all. Finally, I decided to get over it. I officially ended my pity party and decided to do some research to see what the gluten free world had to offer. To my surprise, I found so many places in Boston that had gluten free menus. I realized I could still have pretty much everything I wanted, which was absolutely shocking as I imagined eating salads for the rest of my life. Every weekend I would take my friends on a “Gluten Free Adventure” in search of Celiac friendly menus and fun new restaurants. I started to enjoy cooking and got the hang of gluten free products and ingredients. It’s really become a hobby of mine and one that I’m pretty good at, if I do say so myself!

The more I ventured into this new world, exploring restaurants, recipes, and requirements, the more I realized that I am probably not the only person struggling, so I made it my mission to share everything I learn. I am here to help you, newly diagnosed or not. I want you to see this disease can be easy and this blog will help guide you to that realization.

Often, people ask me what I hate the most about having Celiac Disease or what I miss the most. When I was first diagnosed, the most annoying part was going out to eat and asking about a gluten free menu only to be met with a clueless response like, “The salads are fine.” Also, I couldn’t stand when the rest of my family was stuffing something delicious in their mouths and telling me, “It’s not that good.” Let’s be serious, I remember what I’m missing and your pitiful attempts to make me feel better are not working.

It’s hard to say which foods I miss the most. Sometimes I crave a pizza with a huge crust or some greasy Chinese take out. But, the thing I miss most of all is not having to worry that I’ll be sick after consuming a meal. My adventures have allowed me to find so many other delicious foods to crave and my quality of life is so much better. Yours can be too, I promise!

Living in Boston for the past four years has been a pleasant experience; I absolutely love eating at new places and trying new foods. I always say a weekend without a new brunch spot isn’t really a weekend. Thus far, having Celiac Disease hasn’t dampened my passion for dining out; it might have even sparked it to a new level!

In my blog, I describe restaurants that I’ve dined at with brief descriptions of their menus and what they have to offer. As you will see, I say everything is amazing or delicious. I may need a thesaurus, but bear with me. I’ll probably do some complaining too, but who better to commiserate with than those dealing with the same disease? Seeing as I live in Boston, most of the restaurants I visit are around Boston and in the greater Boston area, but I am expanding to other areas as I vacation a lot. I also venture into chain restaurants- some that are found all across the United States.

I’ve also included recipes with my favored brands. I am by no means a chef, but I’d like to think I know my way around the kitchen. I hope you find my humorous outlook on Celiac Disease helpful!  So, Celiac or not, keep eating and enjoy!