Let’s talk snacks: the healthy and the unhealthy! They say everything is healthy in “moderation”, but I can’t regulate myself while snacking and I don’t like people that can…kidding!
So let’s start with my definition of “junk foods” first because let’s get real–it’s more exciting. I love Sweet Jalapeño Cape Cod chips, Snyder’s pretzels dipped in cream cheese, Smart Food popcorn, Caribbean Coconut Talenti gelato, Alouette spreads with Nut Thins, corn nuts and pretty much anything spicy.
That was probably the hardest list I’ve ever had to narrow down, it seriously took me 30 minutes.
You may notice there is no candy on the list; I’d rather have salty than sweet.

Now for my “healthy” snacks: starting with Simple Mills crackers, I also love, “Just Mango” dried mango from Trader Joe’s, Salt & Pepper Skinny Pop, Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips, Halo Ice Cream, salted cashews, Pirates Booty and organic pickles.
I’m extremely curious about your favorite snacks! Make sure to comment them below!

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