Weekend Visitor

​This weekend I have a visitor staying with me! He drools, has wrinkles, and snores loudly! Meet my brother’s English Bulldog, Grizzly. He is a total sweet heart and loves to snuggle–I can’t get enough of him and neither can my boyfriend. He follows us around the house all day and if we sit on the couch he will whine until he can come up too! He doesn’t like to be left out. He also doesn’t like playing outside because the weather has been so cold… I think just about everyone is ready for warmer weather.

This weekend I’m taking my parents to Barcelona Wine Bar for the first time. I think I like taking other people to new restaurants more than I like going to new restaurants myself; especially a restaurant I’m obsessed with. That way I can tell them everything they need to order. Since my mom is coming I finally have someone I can split all the gluten free tapas with. I’m also going to make some new recipes this weekend, I’m thinking spinach rolled lasagna since I need some more entrees in my repertoire. I’m also going to have my mom make me chicken soup since mine never seems to taste as good as hers does. Stay warm and have a great weekend!


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